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Jan Fojtů
Head of Innovation & Technology

We listen to you, your needs and wishes. We understand your expertise, your requirements and your desire for 100% employment. We perceive your preferences. We wish you enjoyed doing the work.

And because we know the current human resources market and we have an overview of current vacancies, we select only the most interesting job offers for you and only with these we address you. Together, we will find the right project for you or a new career challenge.

We are always open, fair and we keep our word.


Perfect fit projects

Or new career challenges, which will keep you entertained and advance you.

Long-term partnership

We will help you in the labour market in all directions.


In the form of training, courses, workshops or meet-ups of your choice.

Looking for a nice colleague or a new job? Fill in the form, we will take care of the rest.

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