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Jakub Konečný - CEO

At BRIDGEWATER, we help companies from all market segments search and find the right people to increase their efficiency, market position, competitiveness and product and process quality. We cooperate with multinational corporations, medium-sized companies and start-ups.

We will only recommend relevant and verified candidates. We listen carefully to both sides - only in this way can we find you a candidate to your liking. We approach each company individually, we hold long-term partnerships, and we build on mutual trust. We distinguish ourselves with our innovative and open approach, knowledge of the market and people, thank to which more and more companies and specialists address us.


IT and non-IT professionals

For a given position they will comply not only with expertise but also the character. We know the IT community and the human resources market and know what motivates candidates to change.

Super Partner

They will listen to you and really care about what you need. We like to build long-term relationships.


We will make sure that the knowledge of the specialists you hire remains up-to-date. We also regularly educate ourselves so that we can offer you the best possible service.

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