Information for candidates on Processing of Personal Data of Candidates in accordance with Section 11 of Act No. 101/2000 Coll., On the Protection of Personal Data and on amendments to certain acts, as amended (further referred to as “the Act”).

By the below stated information BRIDGEWATER s.r.o., Company ID: 06540970, registered office at Prague 8, Pernerova 702/39 186 00, registered in the Commercial Register maintained by the Municipal Court in Prague, Section C, File 283964 (hereinafter also referred to as the “Processor”) fulfils as the controller the obligation by the Act to inform the data subjects – the candidates to give the company their consent to the processing of relevant personal data in connection with the search and mediation of employment, in particular, a tender connected with the potential establishment of an employment relationship with a third party and, furthermore, in connection with the inclusion in the database of the candidates maintained by the Processor.

1. Purpose and scope of personal data processing
The Processor processes the below stated candidate’s personal information in order to:

• search and mediate employment;
• maintain a database of candidates for employment mediation;
• assess the skills, knowledge and personality profile of the candidates in the assessment centre for employment mediation;
• hand over candidates´ CVs to potential employers;
• gather and use references of previous candidate´s employers for tender purposes;
• carry out the statutory audit;

The Processor processes the following personal data of the candidate for HR purposes:
• name, surname (including maiden name), title and citizenship;
• date and place of birth;
• permanent address and contact address (if it differs from the permanent address);
• private email address (if the candidate owns it);
• contact phone number (landline or mobile);
• the highest education degree level;
• amount of initial or expected financial remuneration;
• the date of commencement of employment and its duration.

The processing of personal data in the above stated scope for HR purposes will only proceed if the candidate agrees with them. The Processor explicitly informs the candidate that if he / she only applies for one position in one particular tender, his / her consent to the processing of personal data for the above stated purpose and to the extent stated above is given implicitly (tacitly) by handing over the CV / applying for the position.

2. Method of processing and accessing personal data
Within the processing of personal data pursuant to this information, technical and organizational measures have been taken to ensure the protection of the personal data of the candidate, in particular to prevent unauthorized or accidental access to personal data, its change, destruction or loss of personal data, unauthorized transfers, other unauthorized processing, other misuse of personal data, even after the processing of personal data has ended.
Personal data is being processed at the registered office of the Processor, i.e. at the address Prague 8, Pernerova 702/39 PSČ 186 00, 110 00
In the light of developments in tenders, the Processor is entitled to obtain and use references of the previous employers of the candidate, provided that the candidate gives his / her consent for this purpose.
Candidates’ personal data processed in accordance with this information for the purpose of carrying out the audit required by the legal regulations shall be devolved on external contractors who, at the choice of the Processor, shall carry out the statutory audit. The candidates will be informed of the auditing companies on request.
Moreover, for the purpose of seeking and mediating employment, the Processor is entitled to hand over CVs, cover letters or other documents containing personal data of the candidate (to the extent stated above) to potential employers, provided that the candidate gives its consent to the Processor.
Furthermore, for the purpose of seeking and mediating employment, the Processor is also entitled to hand over CVs, cover letters or other documents containing personal data of the candidate (to the extent stated above) to potential employers abroad, as follows:
• Member States of the European Union;
• to the third countries (i.e. outside the EU) provided that the possibility of free transfer of personal data results from an international treaty ratified by the Parliament and to which the Czech Republic is bound;
Furthermore, personal data processed by the Processor in accordance with this information may only be disclosed to authorized governmental bodies and institutions or other entities, provided that the conditions specified in the Act or other legal regulations are met.

3. The rights of the candidate in relation to the processing of personal data
According to the Act, the candidate has the right provided he learns or believes that the Processor or one of the aforementioned processors is processing personal data in violation of the protection of private and personal life or in violation of legal regulations (i) to ask the Processor or a relevant processor through the HR department of the processor for an explanation, (ii) to require that the Processor or the relevant processor dissolves the situation (in particular by blocking, correcting, supplementing or destroying personal data). If the candidate’s application is found justified, the Processor or the relevant processor is obliged to dissolve the defective condition without delay. If the candidate has asked for information about the processing of his / her personal data as part of his / her right to access personal data, the Processor or the relevant (aforementioned) processor is obliged to transmit this information without undue delay and has the right to demand reasonable compensation not exceeding the costs necessary to provide the information. The above procedure does not deprive the candidate of the right to contact the Office for Personal Data Protection with his application or other initiative.

4. Processing time of personal data
Storage and processing of the candidate’s personal data by the Processor is limited in time to a period of five years. This shall not affect the obligation of the Processor to keep documents and materials containing such personal data of the candidate for a period specified by the relevant generally binding legal regulations, also after the expiry of this period, as well as the right of the Processor to keep in accordance with the Act documents and materials containing also the personal data of the candidate, even after a period of five years, for the period necessary to exercise the potential rights of the Processor.

5. Disposal of personal data
Any personal data which the Processor will not process in accordance with his obligation consequent upon special legal regulations after the expiry of a period of five years or eventually such data which expired the time necessary for its processing shall be disposed by the Processor without undue delay using appropriate technical and software measures. Personal data stored in a paper form is disposed by a mechanical document shredding device (shredder). Personal data in an electronic format shall be destroyed by deleting the relevant files in the information system, personal data on tangible media (CDs) shall be destroyed by deletion or physical destruction of the relevant medium. The Processor may retain some information about the candidate for their own use only after performing secure anonymisation (i.e. creating a state where the result information cannot be reassigned to a particular candidate in any way).